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Available for cars / utility vehicles

STV Automotive offers you a solution for easy parking without risk for your vehicle.

A box detects the distance between the obstacle and the vehicle to warn, by an audible signal, the driver busy manoeuvring at reduced speed.

It avoids collisions with possible obstacles and protects the body of your vehicle (saving you expensive repair costs). But it also protects people! Parking becomes child’s play thanks to improved comfort and safety!

How does it work?

An audible signal warns the driver and its frequency increases as the vehicle gets closer to the obstacle. Below 30 cm the signal becomes continuous to indicate the need to stop. The system works with the vehicle stationary or moving.
The box can be installed at the front and/or at the rear of the vehicle and can be installed on cars, commercial vehicles, camper vans, …

The sensors adapt perfectly to the bumpers of all vehicles for a very discreet and esthetically pleasing installed effect. Paintable, they do not compromise the style of the model in any way and are compatible with towing hooks.