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Anti-Start Alarm Vodafone Automotive 4627PS

Vodafone Passive Immobilizer

The car theft recently exploded. Manipulation of the CANBus is one of the main causes of this increase. Vodafone Passive Immobilizer provides a simple, yet very effective solution to combat this type of theft.

Easy to use thanks to the Driver Card which gives an independent start authorization of the CANBus . In summary, if the Driver Card is not present in the car, the car cannot be started.

Vodafone 4627PS


Properties :

V Passive control through the Driver Card (no additional handling for the customer)
V Additional authorization for Can-independent startup
V Prevents theft of the vehicle if the Driver Card is not present.
V Backup code in case the Driver Card is not present or does not work

Description :

The passive immobilizer activates the engine cut-off at the moment of starting if the Driver Card is not present. If the Driver Card is present in the vehicle, the driver can start the car without any further handling.

Advantages :

V Accepted and recommended by most insurance companies
V Simple, hands-free operation thanks to the Driver Card
V Extra immobiliser, independent of the Can-Bus
V Preventive solution against theft


Activation & deactivation

Activation: once the vehicle’s ignition is switched off and the Driver Card is out of reach, the system activates automatically after 120 seconds, preventing the vehicle from starting.

Deactivation: when the driver turns on the ignition and the Driver Card is present, the system automatically deactivates, allowing the car to start.